Beaded Bracelets – or how I lost my mind

PinBeaded Bracelet Pictorial

Pinned Picture

Time to Complete – about 20 minutes

Overall Rating – relatively easy as long as you have a proper set up.

Tested By – Mary Beth

Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals is taking part in a town-wide Girls Night Out event in two & a half weeks here in Red Bank. The event planners (of which we are two) have asked participating businesses to give something for the swag bag that the attendees will receive, and we would prefer it to be more than business cards because those just get thrown out. So I thought it would be fun to make beaded bracelets that could be mounted on a card that contains our information.  How hard can it be, I asked myself. HA!!

Really, it is not a difficult bracelet to complete. However, you need something to hook the end to while you are braiding the beads into the body of the bracelet. Otherwise, it flips and slides and tangles in amongst itself, almost as if it were alive. I kid you not. Until I found the perfect bracelet staff, I spent more time untangling the strands than I did making the jewelry.

I’ve already finished 21 bracelets. So, in the next 17 days, I need to come up with 79 more. Piece of cake, right? (*sob*) I’d better get to braiding!


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